All of our kits are plug and play, meaning there is no wire cutting - no custom fitting - and no stress. Just plug it right in like you would a regular bulb and your done. Step-by-step instructions and a wiring diagram below will help you with this process.


Some vehicles require more work than others due to their unique bulb housings.
Possible removal of the bumper required - Check in your Vehicle owners manual.

1.First and foremost disconnect the car battery terminal.
2.Remove the factory light bulbs
3.Replace with Our xenon bulbs. (If your vehicle has a dust cap, please replace with something equivalent to ensure a good seal.)

    *If the bulbs are dirty, use rubbing alcohol to clean the bulbs, do not immerse it in any liquid.

4.Find a mounting location for the ballast.

- Do not drill holes on the box.
- Mount away from moving components, such as A/C or power steering pump.
- Mount to a solid location.
- Mount to a good ventilation location (such as under the headlight for some vehicles.)
- Some vehicles require headlight and bumper to be removed during installation.
- Allow the necessary distance for the base connector to reach the bulb.

5.Plug adaptor to the xenon bulbs; make sure the bulbs are secured tightly and dust cover cap is properly enclosed.

6.Run wiring harness in the engine bay.

- Avoid placing harness next to or close to liquids and moving parts.
- Use zip ties to secure the wiring harness.

7.Attach the power plugs to each ballast, make sure the plugs are securely placed and that it is firmly intact.

8.Reconnect the car battery cables and make sure all components are secured.

9.Turn light switch on and enjoy your brand new Xenon headlights. Allow the light to be on for 10 minutes, this is just a simple burn in procedure.


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Note: ShopXenon does not endorse any illegal use of the HID conversion kits. Due to recent regulatory developments, DOT/NHTSA prohibits the use of HID Retrofit system on highway or public road in USA.